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SME lending solutions

The core of our focus is providing you with finance for your formal business. We structure individualised financing solutions using shareholder loans, equity, royalties and term loans – or any combination of these. We pride ourselves on having developed a range of proprietary financing models offering maximum flexibility to suit your specific needs.

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Non-financial services

From the very start of your journey with us, right through to the end of your repayment period, you will benefit from the Technical Assistance Programme (TAP). The TAP provides added value services for the entrepreneur (business owner) ranging from accounting support, problem solving, marketing plans to turnaround solutions.

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Our achievements up until May 2019


Latest succ​ess story:

Find markets outside your comfort zone, says medical pioneer

Sometimes entrepreneurs have to move far outside their comfort zone before they find a market that propel them to success. In Kagiso Moloi’s case, he had to move to a different country before he could build a thriving dental practice.

On paper, Dr Moloi had everything required to build a successful business when he graduated from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1999.

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