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Our unique finance solutions

At BUSINESS/PARTNERS, we have always believed that entrepreneurship or business ownership is the most aspirational human endeavour of all. This very belief led to the establishment of our business in South Africa, over 38+ years ago, to provide business and property finance, technical assistance, mentorship to business owners in the small and medium enterprise (SME) space.

We provide loans ranging from US$50 000 to US$1 million to all business owners who have a viable formal business. ​​​

This is why you should choose BUSINESS/PARTNERS over other financiers

We offer you a fair deal

We structure our finance solutions and pricing to provide a business loan that’s tailor-made to your business. It’s a win-win for both parties. For example, the lower the risk, the lower the return we expect to make, and the lower the cost of capital to you - the business owner.

We mainly focus on business viability

We evaluate for cash flow viability and potential. Whereas traditional financiers focus on the extent of the owner’s equity and collateral, our first assessment is ​based on the cash flow viability of the business.

We also assess the business owner – do they have the technical and management skills, business acumen, and integrity required to run the business successfully?

We provide more than just money

With our experience exclusively backing business owners, we understand that to run a successful business takes more than just money.

To enhance your chances of success, we also couple our finance solutions with an interest-free technical assistance loan and expert mentorship. This involves linking you with expert external consultants to help diagnose your business and provide you with customised solutions for your business.

We tailor our finance to your unique needs

Over the years, we have worked on perfecting our products and services to meet your unique needs as a business owner and we have tailored aspects of our business to support you to succeed. Naturally, the success of the businesses we support ultimately depends on the skills and dedication of the business owner.


To apply for investment finance we require a complete business plan to be in place. A guide to writing a business plan can be found under our
Entrepreneurs Growth Centre.

You may submit your business plan directly via our finance enquiry form, or contact your local country office.

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Want to know more about our financing criteria? Click here for our investment FAQ.​