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Just the fact that you are reading this means that you've already taken the first step towards securing finance and support for your business. Our core focus at BUSINESS/PARTNERS is to provide entrepreneurs with finance for their formal businesses. Not only do we structure unique, individualised financing solutions, but we also offer a wide range of tailored products targeted to specific industries and sectors which require their own distinct funding solutions.

To even further complement our finance products, we offer a specialised Technical Assistance Programme to our clients, which provides value-added ​expert assistance to you, the entrepreneur (business owner), for different aspects of your business. This may range from accounting support, problem solving, marketing plans, and health and safety strategies to turnaround solutions. For more information on the Technical Assistance Programme, click here.​

General finance

We consider funding for all entrepreneurs (business owners) who have a viable formal business and who require financing for expansion, working capital, equipment, takeovers, or management buy-outs.

Each application is considered on its merits and on the potential profitability of the business. The most important criteria we look at are the skills, experience and industry knowledge of the entrepreneur (or entrepreneurs), and the market need for the business' products or services.

When you apply for finance, your proposal will be assessed on the viability of your business, which comprises two important elements:

  • The business
    • Product/service and its market acceptability;
    • Market size;
    • The gearing of the business – debt to capital ratio of the business which influences its ability to exist and grow;
    • The business' track record;
    • The stage of its development and medium to long-term profit potential;
    • Technical aspects;
    • Location of the business.
  • The entrepreneur (square peg)
    • Ability to run a successful business on sound business principles;
    • Personal principles, such as integrity, drive, vision;
    • Appropriate experience.

The funding may be used for:

  • Equipment;
  • Expansion;
  • Management buy-outs;
  • Property finance for owner occupied businesses ;
  • Revamps;
  • Start-up;
  • Takeovers;
  • Working capital.

We consider financing applications from formal SMEs whose gross assets are under US$ 8 million*, where annual turnover does not exceed US$ 17 million* and/or employees are less than 500 in number (*Paid out in the local currency).

Applications are considered in all sectors of the economy with the exception of on-lending activities, direct farming operations, underground mining, informal and micro enterprises and non-profit organisations.

Financing period:

5 years on average.

Minimum and maximum loan amount:

US​$ 50 000 to US$ 1 million.

Disbursed in local currency.

Own contribution requirements:

There is no minimum set for own contribution however, the gearing and other factors that affect the viability of a transaction are be taken into consideration.

Required documents for application:

Business plan.
Annual financial statements.
Up to date management accounts.
Cash flow forecast.
CV of entrepreneur/s.

Want to know more about our financing criteria? Click here for our investment FAQ.


Property finance

Our Property finance solutions cater to entrepreneurs with a viable business who want to refinance or purchase their own premises, but may have limited capital or security to contribute, or may not want to compromise the business' cash resources for the deposit.

In most cases, conventional financie​​​rs require a cash deposit before considering financing a property deal. The deposit amount depends on the risk appetite of the financier and deposits of up to 50% may be required. We, however, allow the entrepreneur a choice of different financing options and are able to structure the deal by advancing up to 110% of the financing required, subject to terms and conditions.

Applications will be considered based on the following conditions:

  • The underlying business must be proven to be viable and been in existence for no less than two years;
  • The business should have a sound financial track record;
  • The business must occupy at least 50% of the property to be purchased;
  • The property to be purchased should be in a good condition, well located and be available at a reasonable market value;
  • The operating business should meet affordability expectations. 

Residential and agriculture properties are excluded.

Financing period:

A maximum of 5 years, with repayments structured over 10 years with a bullet payment in year 5.

Minimum and maximum loan amount:

$ 50 000 to $1 million.

Disbursed in local currency.​

Own contribution requirements:

Own contribution is not required.

Required documents for application:

Business plan.
Annual financial statements of the underlying business.
Details of the proposed property.

Want to know more about our financing criteria? Click here for our property FAQ.


Property joint finance

For entrepreneurs looking to add a property component to their investment portfolio, multi-tenanted properties are attractive and viable options, as they provide both capital appreciation and a rental income.

We co-invest in multi-tenanted property projects mainly in two instances. Firstly, when a potential investor is unable or unwilling to invest the full deposit (equity) required by a commercial lending institution. Secondly, where a viable property investment has been over-geared and needs a restructuring of the existing debt, converting debt finance to equity finance.

Finance will be considered for:

  • Property investments in sustainable areas offering good growth and/or return on investment, preferably in metropolitan areas;
  • Retail, industrial, and commercial multi-tenanted properties
  • Properties that require reconfiguration or upgrades;
  • Cut-up-and-sell properties;
  • Industrial leasebacks.

The prospective property investor may choose to either have an active role or be a passive investor.

Residential properties, agricultural properties, and mines are excluded.

Financing period:

Ideally up to 5 years.

Minimum and maximum loan amount:

US$ 50 000 to US$ 1 million.

Disbursed in local currency.

Own contribution requirements:

A proportionate share of the equity will be required and will influence the shareholding percentage.

Required documents for application:

Details of the property and supporting documentation.
The entrepreneurs’ latest personal assets and liabilities.

Want to know more about our financing criteria? Click here for our property joint venture finance FAQ.