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Our mission, vision and values


Our vision is to live our name, being the premier business partner for small and medium enterprises, facilitating wealth creation, job creation and shared economic development.


Our mission is to invest capital, skill and knowledge into viable entrepreneurial enterprises in South Africa, Africa and all markets where we have a presence.


Our goal is to be an internationally respected, successful and profitable business partner for SMEs.


Entrepreneurial spirit

Our people are both entrepreneurial and passionate about entrepreneurs. We invest where we see opportunity, driven by the conviction that small and medium enterprises are generators of wealth and economic growth and, when viable and successful, create sustainable jobs which give people dignity and contribute towards alleviating the scourge of poverty and inequality which afflicts much of the developing world.

Our entrepreneurial approach to doing business enables us to partner with our clients, in the success of their businesses.

Economic merit

Underpins all our finance and investment decisions, ensuring access to business finance and added value service for entrepreneurs from all the communities we serve. Economic merit also underpins all our operational decisions, ensuring long-term stability and the ability to deliver optimum value for clients and shareholders alike.


Honesty, integrity and respect for human dignity are imbued in both our business and personal conduct.

Service Excellence

We exist for our clients and enjoy serving them. We aim to delight them with our products, our innovative solutions and the quality of our service.