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 Crisis management: 5 tips for getting through an office pickle


 Starting your own business will bring about some challenges; learning how to manage a crisis situation is a trait you'll need to master quickly. Here are five tips to get through an office pickle.

1. Stay calm

No matter what the crisis is you need to take a step back before you react and take a deeper look at the issue at hand. Reacting immediately could lead to even more issues – keep your cool, identify the issue and find the solution.

2. Be honest

Apply this to yourself, to your colleagues and the media. Your colleagues deserve to know the exact details about the situation so that they can assist you where they can. With regards to the media, you don’t need to disclose all information, but make sure that what you do share is the truth.

3. Share your crisis with your peers and colleagues

A problem shared is a problem halved. Getting advice from peers can be a saving grace when facing a problem – they might have gone through the same thing before or they will have objective advice to share on how to tackle your crisis. Colleagues and team members will also be able to assist you in brainstorming solutions – your startup’s future lies in the hands of every individual that you employ – not only with yourself.

4. Shift or change your goals/services/products

Your plan of action will depend on the crisis you need to manage, but ultimately you will need to make some changes. Being proactive in a crisis situation is the best course of action to take. Look at what you can do differently and put it into place.

5. Create a problem-solving timeline

To avoid the crisis from dragging on over a long period of time, you need to put in place a deadline for when the issue will be dealt with. Once a solution has been decided, you need to estimate how long it will take until the crisis has been managed and do everything you can to meet that deadline.

A business crisis can occur at any time no matter how prepared you think you are or how unlikely you think it is. Take these five tips into consideration when tackling a crisis and you will find that a solution may be just around the corner.

By Klara Loots for Emerging Stars. Read the original article here.




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The power of a positive attitude power of a positive attitude
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