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 If there is one aspect of your business that is solely under your control is the service you provide. It is one thing getting customers or clients walking into your business but another thing to be able to generate revenue which is directly dependent on the quality of your service that you provide.

Where does it start though? The answer lies in your business plan. What did you promise to deliver and how were you planning to deliver.

You must remember that in the customer’s mind, if he/she paying for the service, they expect to receive it in good order. The long and the short of it is that you cannot go wrong by providing good quality service. The onus is on the entrepreneur to ensure that the staff is well trained and share in your vision. Every business should have some measure of control in place to determine their service levels.

However, what we often find is that when times are good, the service levels are low, but when times are hard, the service levels go up. This is a recipe for disaster. Don’t fall into this trap. You must always remember that at some point or another, we are all customers. Provide the same service that you would expect if you are on the other side of the counter.




Tip: business plan red flags business plan red flags
Tip: business plan red flags business plan red flags
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