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 The role of the entrepreneur as a leader


 A good entrepreneur understands that people are the most valuable asset that any institution has. So their happiness is an important cog in the wheel of success.

An entrepreneur in a work place gets things done through his employees. A motivated team naturally takes the lead without being instructed. Motivating people is not an easy task, ensuring that people remain motivated is an even bigger challenge. This task is made almost impossible when people do not enjoy their jobs, when they have fallen out of love with what they are engaged in approximately 1/3 of the day.

Is there a single answer that speaks to what drives people, what inspires them and ultimately what motivates them? NO. There is no single answer. But what do you do as a manager to motivate your staff to deliver their ultimate best?

Entrepreneurs try to understand their needs and personalities. They make concerted efforts to show their appreciation of these and attempt to meet them. Remember that needs change and vary from individual to individual. This is just one sphere of entrepreneurship, managing people and ensuring that they deliver their best efforts always.

Now you can see how easily you falter as an entrepreneur if you are driven by the wrong reason to be in business. Successful entrepreneurs are able to get their teams to share and live their vision.




Tip: business plan red flags business plan red flags
Tip: business plan red flags business plan red flags
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