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 Entrepreneurs Credo TV advert


 In October 2014 Business Partners launched a new multi-channel advertising campaign which aims to encourage more South Africans to pursue entrepreneurship – the most aspirational career of all. Forming part of the campaign is the below television commercial, which profiles the Entrepreneurs Credo and six local entrepreneurs that are highly regarded in their respective industries.

The advert director, Rob Smith, further explains: “The advert looks into the entrepreneurs' back stories, their lives and everything that it has taken to get where they are today. It is not about where they are now, but where they have come from."

In the company's efforts to strive to make entrepreneurship the most aspirational human endeavour of all, Business Partners Limited has identified the Entrepreneurs Credo as the centre of the company's DNA. The credo, taken from Thomas Paine's 'The Common Man', written in 1776, is an ageless piece of literature that speaks to the life choices and beliefs of an entrepreneur.

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